Monday, August 8, 2011

Shower registry for Jen

Jen and her soon to be hubby have most of what they need for a household so they are registered for a HoneyFund instead - see the sidebar. A HoneyFund is basically gifting a donation of money to help pay for their honeymoon. This is a wonderful way to help the couple enjoy their trip and even though we can't all fit in a suitcase to go with them, we can help send them along on the trip.

I am fairly sure they would not turn away any gifts sent to them but please be mindful that they live in a condo and do not have any extra room.

The online bridal shower is Sunday August 28th at 3pm EST, 2pm CST, and 12 noon PST on this blog.
We hope you can be there to chat and watch Jen open any gifts she may get and then play a game or two. Mark your calendars and we will see you there.

Thank you!

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  1. DD you are such a sweetheart. That is all. Oh and I see you fixed the layout of everything, perfect!

    Funny fact, the online bridal shower is the same day as the 100 Monkeys Concert here in San Diego. I'll be in an EXTRA good mood. Woohoo!

    xo J