Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happily Ever After Mad Lib

Happily Ever After

Jen and D were finally married. Their wedding reception had just finished.
Before leaving they decided to help Aro and Angela with the clean-up because they are hot.

There was so much applesauce leftover from the reception, the couple
decided to take it with them on their honeymoon to Jen's cleveage.
The groom said, “ Get in mah belleh!” To which the very tired,
but lovely bride replied, “ I am quite sleepy.”

Alice was in charge taking care of the gifts until the newlyweds
returned 17 weeks later. She was tempted to keep one of the gifts for herself
because it was a beautiful sparkle peen that she’d always wanted. But she
restrained herself.

When Jen and D were finally alone, the groom looked
longingly into his beloved’s eyes and said, “ Hi Men.” Needless to
say, the bride was so shocked that she blurted out, " Fuck Off,”
and then immediately felt happy about it.

They changed clothes and loaded up in their Little Red Corvette as they
prepared to go to Jen's cleveage on their honeymoon.
“I hope I remembered to pack my guitar ,” said the bride.
“I certainly hope so, too,” the groom said rudely.
With that, he stuck his favorite CD, Liquid Zoo, into the player in the car.
They were on their way.

Suddenly the car made a funny noise. “I wonder if the back seat is
broken….” the groom surmised.
“I told you we should have taken the wizard broom.” the bride said

At any rate, they were stalled and stranded. They were in Isle Esme. There
was not even a Tesoro open. They waited 50 hours for a tow truck. It
took another 21 to find a nearby hotel room.
“Cheer up, sweetie!” the bride said to her spouse. “At least we have each
other. And we also have all that applesauce from the reception.”
All the groom could do was pound.

And that was the beginning of the Happily-Ever-After of Jen and D.


We wish you much joy and love. Congratulations!


  1. LMAO - that's not a very happy HEA!! I'm glad Jen and DG are going somewhere besides her cleavage, too. ;) Congrats again, bb. Much love!

  2. OMG that was hilarious. Very nice, very nice...LOL! I love it that we went to my cleavage. Sweet!

    Thanks again ladies!

    xo J